Virtual museum for McDonald's and other fastfood toys

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Red Rooster's toys, date unknown

The Tweenies Alienation the jungle book The Wiggles

The Tweenies, 4 in set*                            Alienation, 5 in set*                      The jungle book finger puppets, 5 in set*    The Wiggles pencil toppers, 4 in set*

Where's Wally Totem pal squirters Disney on ice Water buddy

Where's Wally, 5 in set*                          Totem pal squirters, 4 in set*                  Disney on ice, 3 in set                        Water buddy sea creatures, in set*

School of rock Space out Tamagotchi The Lion King

School of rock inflatables, 4 in set*            Spaced out, 4 in set*                            Tamagotchi, at least 5 in set*            The Lion King, 4 in set*

no picture no picture

Space sport jigsaws, 4 in set*                   Dinosaurs, at least 4 in set*

* not a complete set

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