Nicole's guide to good books for children

Art books for young children


I love books. Even though I am not a child any more I still enjoy looking at children's books. There are so many good books around. Here I'd like to show art books that are suitable for very young children.

Many of those books are probably out of print. The best way to get books is to buy them secondhand at op shops, school fetes, church fetes, garage sales, Lifeline bookfairs, etc. Here I collected over 40 books. I bought them secondhand over several years.

A few of those books can be bought through ebay. My ebay seller user ID is nicoleranto. If you do an advanced search on ebay, you can search by seller. If you would like some more information, you can contact me here: Nicole. I am based in Sydney, Australia.

There are over 40 books presented on this website at the moment. For each book I took a photo not only of the cover, but one also of the inside of the book. I divided the books in 4 groups, but apart from the board books the groups are not very precise.

The drawing on this page is a drawing I made myself at age 4!

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